Interactive AR Theater, a System for playing
theater-style interactive contents

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Your Actions change the Story.

Interactive AR Theater offers theater-style interactive content. Persons appearing on stage and their roles are overlaid by the actual space. And since the video images change in real-time in response to movements of the persons, it presents an experience that feels like you have truly fallen into the staged scene.


Content Introduction

Currently it is on public exhibition at the Grand Front Osaka The Lab exhibition booth. The content available to be experienced includes dance, snowmobile, a stroll through the ideal garden, a drama experience, and others, for a total of seven types. We here introduce the most popular content.

1. DANCE Lesson

A dance instructor suddenly appears next to you! If you dance like the instructor shows, your score starts to rise. Dance skillfully enough, and you can advance steadily toward the next stage. Don’t be bashful in aiming for a high score!


2. Fish Stage

A Japanese garden spreads all around you, and right in front of you a pond appears. If you stick your toes into the pond, you can hear the sounds of water as it ripples away. It provides a quiet space and healing in the midst of the city.

text:Kazuhisa Nozaki