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The Daily Commute Can Be an Important Opportunity for Exercising.

A combination of sports and technology, EverySpo! is a program that makes users more sports minded by measuring and assigning points to movements that are done subconsciously.
Participants can be divided into teams and compete for points. By being given a mission to complete, participants can have fun while successfully sticking with sports activity.

This provides a venue that makes sports possible for people brought together for a purpose – and not just the sports minded but also the layman who wants to be a bit more healthy, which includes everybody from the young to the old.

There are two basic aspects to EverySpo!
It makes use of wearable devices to gauge and visualize daily movement.
And it uses digital signage to connect people to the city.

Three Features in Osaki

An event that was held in March 2015 at Osaki in Shinagawa was incorporated with three features.

The first was a set of rules that made for a game format in which teams competed with one another. Though a very simple system of participants randomly assigned to teams to compete for activity points, it tapped into the psychology of a person’s motivation being enhanced when validated by somebody who has witnessed the hard work. Team members would use SNS to report to teammates about that day’s activity. Having a venue for members to encourage each other made it possible to improve communication and raise motivation.


The second feature was to have participants use a gender and age coefficient to revise the activity points when registering them with the server. As it is difficult to have people compete in the same sport if there is a great physical difference between them, a point-revising algorithm was used to make it possible for this competition to be accessible to literally anybody, regardless of gender and age.


The last feature was the system of requiring participants to use wearable devices they would touch to digital signage installed in town in order to convert the amount of activity into points. The requirement to touch wearables locally was a means of encouraging a feeling of connectedness to the community and town. And a program of local rewards was made available by providing discount tickets honored at local shops and limited-edition local goods to those who completed the targets that had been set. So the scenario was set for a town that offers support commensurate to the hard work of the participants.


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Towards the Future

In April of this year, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in Japan announced the five targeted areas in which it hopes to accomplish a legacy for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games: sports, culture, innovation, people and universal. The creation of a service that provides a legacy is exactly what we are trying to accomplish with EverySpo! We hope to use the power of technology to make possible the type of local community in which people can engage in casual but real interaction through daily exercise.

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