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Accelerating Collaboration on Information Platform

The Social Campus Project is a joint research project between the graduate school Cornell Tech, established jointly by Cornell University in America and Technion – Israel Institute of Technology in Israel, and OPEN INNOVATION LAB. This is an effort to study and verify the campus IT infrastructure to be opened in 2017, with the aim of promoting cooperation between industry, academia, and government, and of creating an innovation ecosystem.

he campus has hitherto been a place for academia, such as students, researchers, professors, and so on. In the future, however, we believe that it should be opened not just to academia but also to businesspersons and local residents, to become a place where people can actively engage in collaboration from various perspectives. Toward realization of this vision, we are moving ahead with prototyping and verification of platforms for providing the optimum information for persons gathering on the campus.

Discover Campus

In this platform, “things (events) that are now occurring on campus” are visualized. Moreover, this is not limited to items that were planned beforehand, but can also include display on the app of spontaneously occurring conversations, etc., as events. We considered these to be key to activation of collaboration, and labeled them as “Ad-hoc Events.”


Any user can register an event on the campus, and can announce it with a display on the map. The person can also receive information about events that are taking place nearby, and that suits their own interests. By checking into (participating in) an event, the person can see information about the other participants, and when a conversation is initiated, the platform recognizes from the interest graph of the participants that an Ad-hoc Event for a particular theme has started, and proposes sending notification to other users. When the proposal is approved, a place and theme is announced, attracting still more persons.


On campus, the cycle of “search” → “discovery” → “participation” → “collaboration” is repeated, to promote collaboration between all persons on the campus, and not just limited to academia.


text: Kazuya Komon

Top image by Cornell Tech