Wireless Network Infrastructure "SynapSensor" that Integrates Bluetooth® Smart Data

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The Start of the Sensor Era

Including everything from smartphones to wearables, we currently use an array of various devices to meet particular uses. There are, for instance, activity meters that now give you distance run and calories consumed – and can even measure your sleep. These devices are an amalgamation of sensors.

Facilities Automatically Collect Data

The SynapSensor is one method of establishing a wireless network to have various devices talk to each other. Since the sensor technology of Bluetooth® Smart includes the data beacons sensed, it eliminates the need for the pairing between sensors and smartphones that is usually necessary.

Beacons that carry the various data emitted from multiple sensors are integrated by the SynapSensor unit installed by a given facility and operate in a format that transmits to other wireless systems. (The SynapSensor is the unit held in a hand in the above image)

Demonstration in Which a Watch and Thermometer Are Connected

While there are sophisticated wearables that need to notify sensors, we are instead focused on the wireless network of sensors that only send sensor data. By limiting the scope of data collection in the facility where it is installed, the SynapSensor provides the right format for gathering the information of small sensors massively placed throughout one place.

The Data of Various Sensors are Stored in the Cloud

SynapSensor with Extensive Applications

We are about to see more and more new services offered that tap into the sensors that are worn by people and attached to things. The hope is that the SynapSensor has the potential for connecting to home networks and providing solutions for the inconveniences in B2B contexts. We are conducting demonstration experiments in many areas. And we intend on making those experiments the first step in the process of building an infrastructure for new services.

text:Natsumi Kawamoto