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New Relationship between a City and the Visitors

“+fooop!” is the world’s first social city platform. It has been selected as a communication system at Grand Front Osaka, a massive redevelopment project that opened at the north side of Osaka. The town is beginning to establish a new type relationship with the visitors.

In-City Social Graph that Supports +fooop!

As the setting for the launch of various kinds of communication, the city provides a venue that makes it possible to enjoy content that fits the feelings and needs of each and every individual. The city, for example, could tell you where to take you girlfriend for something sweet while you are on a date with her. The city could let you know what the perfect place is to wait out a sudden rainstorm. +fooop! seeks to provide the comfort that caters to people’s feelings and situations. It also aspires to be a platform that spawns interactions between people. +fooop! will construct an In-city Social Graph in town by connecting the information on Facebook and Twitter to the behavior histories of people in town.

Real-time Information Selected from Feelings x Environment

+fooop! provides involvement from a comfortable distance from person to person and person to city. The advanced technology that supports its features are two analysis engines with sophisticated functions. One is the Persona Identification Engine that determines the tendencies and lifestyle of each person on the basis of life logs about things such as behavior and purchase experiences thus far. The other is the Recommend Engine that picks out information that should be conveyed as based on a host of environmental factors and situations such as the weather, how crowded things are in town, and the relationships of people who happen to be together. This makes it possible to deliver to you in a timely fashion information that is a good fit for your feeling and situation. The communication is not one-way messages from the city to you but instead can be actively selected so that it is the optimal channel that suits you – such as communication from the city to your significant other and then to you.

From Consumption of Things to Consumption of Actions

If you visit +fooop! you will enjoy personalized content that matches the weather that day and the particular person you are with – which might mean getting recommended information from friends through digital signage in town or sharing with friends by smartphone the bench with a killer view that you just happened to find. Information about town goes to those in town. And everybody gets to enjoy real-time communication that connects people. So the city is no longer just a place for buying things but also enjoying events and actions such interactions with others and discoveries. +fooop! is an experimental venue that generates new value by connecting people with the city.

And after the opening of the city, we will keep it evolving as a comfortable communication platform through repeated demonstration experiments that effectively incorporate new technologies and mechanisms consistent with the behavioral tendencies of the visitors.

text: Junichi Suzuki