All Japan Sightseeing Project,
Rediscovering the Amazing Secrets of Japan with Bicycle

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Rediscovering the Amazing Secrets of Japan with Bicycle.

The number of foreign tourists who visited Japan in 2014 was 13,410,000 people, and the Japanese government is aiming to increase this number to more than 20 million people by 2020. In accordance with this plan, local governments across the nation are working on projects to make their region attractive in order to increase the number of foreign visitors.

This project aims to deliver information digitally to tourists on places of Tokyo which are not well-known, further more making these spots accessible by bicycle, and promote interaction with local residents. Foreigners will be able to experience a part of life in Tokyo through communication with citizens in their natural state, of old districts like shopping streets which can also be found in urban areas of Tokyo, an experience never felt at tourist sites or shopping malls.


Demonstrative Experiment to be Held at Shinagawa with Cooperation from the Area

On September 2015, a demonstrative experiment targeting foreign tourists who are staying at hotels in the Shinagawa area will be held. Tourists will be provided with a mobile app which informs them on obscure sights, landmarks, famous stores of shopping streets around Kyu-Tokaido Avenue Shinagawa-shuku and Tennozu Isle.

Foreign tourists will decide where to go using the app, and move by borrowing a shared bicycle from the hotel. When they arrive to their destination, the app gives them further details or recommendations made by local residents. It also gives real-time updates if there is a volunteering guide close by. There will be something interesting ready for people if they speak to the guide and learn more about these areas.


Towards the Future

Through this project, OPEN INNOVATION LAB. intends to realize the technology for foreign tourists and local citizens to communicate through examining what sort of people stay and look around a certain area and how can we increase the number of visitors coming to the area.

text:Akiko Enomoto