Tamayura Finder,
an Official App for a Japanese Anime “TAMAYURA”

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Connecting Funs to the Actual Sites Drawn in the Story

OPEN INNOVATION LAB. has collaborated with SHOCHIKU, Co., Ltd. and the Takehara Tourism Association in Hiroshima Prefecture to develop the official smartphone app “Tamayura Finder” for the “Tamayura” anime series set in Takehara City. The app provides a mechanism to encourage app users to visit and tour the city as a concept to connecting fans of the story and the actual city drawn in the anime.

Vitalizing the City Using AR (Augmented Reality)

“Tamayura Finder” uses markerless AR technology. Fans can enjoy locations and famous scenes related to the anime by pointing their smartphone at illustrated labels distributed at event sites, etc., tied to the anime. They can also acquire “Tamayura photo card” content contained in each label.

The photo cards contain character biographies and information on actual famous places and shops used as models in the anime series. This is an effective method for guiding fans in the city. Furthermore, by reading two labels in succession, fans can obtain special content such as famous scenes associated with that location and dialogue scenes between the characters. In addition to raising the value of label collections, a mystery solving element in which fans work out which scene appears in which combination aims to urge fans to communicate with each other.


Through this app, we plan to more effectively vitalize the city with regional collaborative content and verify a new service model. Targeting regional towns and cities across the country, we also have plans to promote items such as collaborating with city platform services and developing services that collaborate with content transmitted in the region, which includes mascot characters and regional idols.

text:Midori Kono