Smile Charity!

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Let’s Change the World with Smiles.

The smile is a special emotional expression that only humans can possess. A chain of smiles holds a peculiar power. People show smiles when they are happy. If people can develop happy feelings merely by a smile… then the town, the nation of Japan, and also the world may become happy with people’s smiles as starting point.

Smile Bokin! is a completely new type of social contribution project deploying everyone’s smiles as a charity activity. OPEN INNOVATION LAB. sponsors the project, deploying it all across the nation with the cooperation of people affirming the concept of “Let’s Change the World with Smiles!”

“Smile Mirror” developed by OPEN INNOVATION LAB. is used to measure the smiles. Just look toward the Smile Mirror and smile, and a point score for the facial expression will be displayed. The unit of measurement is called an “Emmy,” with one person’s smile registering as many as 30 to 40 Emmys, and this is stored in the Smile Mirror. This amount is then purchased by a participating sponsor who returns it to society. This system, therefore, is a mechanism for achieving a charitable activity.


Bringing Smiles to the Children in Fukushima

The charity campaign ran for about four months starting in April 2013, at Grand Front Osaka. Smiles totaling in excess of 4.9 million Emmys were gathered, with participants estimated to reach 100,000 people or more! Thanks to all of these smiles, we were able to hold a “Weekend Satoyama Camp” inviting to Osaka the children of Fukushima, an area hit particularly hard by the Great East Japan Earthquake. This concept series was honored with the 2013 Good Design Award.


*At the Smile Bokin! official site, you can check the experimental overview and results in greater detail. Smile Bokin! official site:

text:Kazuhisa Nozaki