ICT × Education Project

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Cross-industry Collaborations Create a New Educational Environment for Japan!

ICT × Education Project

Our concept at INNOVATION OPEN LAB. is to work through demonstration experiments and cross-industry collaborations to create new services and businesses that bring together people with other people, technology with other technology, and people with technology. Our educational projects continue to spread and promote a new educational environment for Japan as well as create business through an array of events and study groups with schools, education insiders, independent learning juku, teachers, and guardians who proactively seek progressive initiatives that tap into ICT.

EducussEducussion as a Vehicle for Impassioned Dialogue about Next-generation Education that Transcends the Borders of Industryion is a coinage by INNOVATION OPEN LAB. that mixes the words education and discussion. Educussion started as a closed forum for dialogue four years ago and has since changed to an open format that brings together individuals interested in particular subjects. By bringing together people from differing fields – such as teachers, companies, EdTech, etc. – we have seen this dovetail into new connections and services.

2014.12 Educussion Special

“Edusession,” Discussion Program by Education Leaders on Ustream

The INNOVATION OPEN LAB. Education Project was started as an initiative with Shijyukukai, publisher of “Weekly Shijyukukai,” the only magazine devoted to the running of independent learning juku. As part of this project, we delivered an education discussion webcast that features experts and well-known figures from diverse fields as guests (broadcast from the INNOVATION OPEN LAB. Studio every third Monday from Nov. 2011 through Jun. 2012).
(Ustream URL:

Host speaker: Plus-T Educational Institute Representative
Akihiro Shimizu
1st guest: Kageki Shimoda
2nd guest: Takahiro Matsumoto
3rd guest: Maki Eto
4th guest: Tetsuya Yasukochi
5th guest: Koitsu Yokoyama
6th guest: Kaoruko
7th guest: Masaaki Mezaki
8th guest: Michiyuki Yamada

From the Perspective of Working Mothers

Schools in Japan now are finding themselves unable to keep up with the changes in what companies and society requires of their workers, not to mention changes in the learning styles of digital natives. The question is how to apply IT effectively to the educational environment in order to enable children to live better lives in society in 2025. We will continue to think and disseminate about this as we hold study groups, share information, and collaborate with mothers, public institutions of learning, and teachers.

“mamappli”: Mothers × Education × ICT
Taking part as an adviser in the communities of mothers who devote thought to education and ICT from the perspective of a mother.

Devote thought to education and ICT from the perspective of a mother.

text:Norie Sekijima