Head of Innolab / Chief Producer

Hiroshi Morita

Having felt a stirring within when coming in contact with the Internet while still in university, he decided to devote his career to the IT industry. While in his 20s, he was posted to client companies, where he spent all of his time developing operations systems for accounting and SCM and the like. After acquiring an MBA, his work underwent a total change, and he found himself involved in collaborative operations at startups in Silicon Valley and Israel. After learning of company ways through business planning, he joined Open Innovation Lab in 2011. He is now supervising a host of Open Innovation Lab projects, such as the Grand Front Osaka urban development that incorporates the world’s first ever social city platform, the Sports & Life Technology Lab with University of Tokyo professor Rekimoto, and demonstration experiments of the Ritsumeikan Moriyama Junior & Senior High School. Having been completely impressed by Portland’s urban planning when visiting there last year, he is currently formulating plans for a more exciting Tokyo in the year 2020 and beyond. He has taught classes such as Social Organization Theory at the Graduate School of Social Sciences, Hitotsubashi University and others elsewhere. He has authored books such as "A Book for Understanding the Environment and Management." And he is taking part in a number of groups such as the Japan Share-Cycle Association and Kyu Tokaido Shinagawa-syuku Syuhen Machidukuri Kyougikai.


Senior Consultant

Norie Sekijima

While applying herself to the work of building and operating core and operational systems, as she parents her own children she has found herself disturbed about the speed gap between social environment and educational environment. When a business project she submitted to an internal competition was selected, she transferred to Open Innovation Lab in 2011 at the time of its inception. While being one of the earliest in Japan to achieve involvement in multiple demonstration experiments in "Adaptive Learning x Social," she has been working in various collaborations with others such as corporate and education insiders as well as guardian groups. She has done extensive research on educational matters inside of Japan and abroad, and has a broad network she can tap into. At the ICT Collaborative Open Network for New Educational Concepts with Technologies (ICT Connect 21) that was established in Feburary 2015, she did research as leader of the sub-group "Providing the Seeds for Needs that Schools Have" to promote ICT education in Japan and has since been active in connecting schools with companies. She has written a book called "Taking Exception with Japanese ICT Education" (Impress R&D). She has a column on Dentsu-ho (http://dentsu-ho.com/people/154). And for "Internet White Paper 2014," she has provided Section 5: Social Trends – 5.3 Education "Public Online Course: MOOC Trends"; for "Internet White Paper 2015," she has provided Section 6: Social Trends - 6-3 Education "Trends Education ICT."


Media Alchemist

Yoichi Ochiai

December 2015, appointed POST PIXEL & MEDIA media Alchemist to lead the research and development of INNOLAB at (Post pixel-and-media) area to consider the future of media contact experience. Born 1987 in Tokyo. Media Artist / Assistant Professor of University of Tsukuba, Head of Digital Nature Group. / Board Member of Virtual Reality Consortium. BA(Media Arts and Sciences) from University of Tsukuba, 2011, Ph.D (Applied Computer Science) from University of Tokyo 2015 (he got PhD in 2 years: the fastest record). He is interested in post-pixels multimedia and conducting research towards his vision called “Digital Nature”. His expression is based on “Computational Fields” (Computer Generated Hologram) and that reconstructs the context of motion pictures and material sculptures. To realize his philosophy of Digital Nature which new relationship between human and computational resources, he combines real world oriented computer graphics, human computation, new media art composed of mixture of new media and classic technologies. He was technical paper author of SIGGRAPH and selected artist of SIGGRAPH Art Gallery. He is the author of a book “The age of Enchantment”. His installation was exhibited in Ars Electronica Center, Ars Electronica Festival, Tokyo Designers Week, Roppongi Hills and various colleges, museums, corporations and events. His art work has collaborated with many corporates and artist such as Don Perignon, LEXUS, Sekai No Owari, and so on. He received World Technology Award 2015, the Super Creator Title from IPA and METI, Grand Prix of LAVAL VIRTUAL AWARD, Asia Digital Art Award, Best paper Award from ACE, Springer, Best Demo Award from EUROHAPTICS, Good Design Awar, Japan Manifest Award, Student Competition in UIST & SIGGRAPH and awarded & nominated in many competitions. His research projects were selected in the best of SIGGRAPH 2014′s technical papers(By CGCHANNEL) and the Best video 2012 (by Newscientist). He was featured on BBC, CNN, CNBC, Discovery, AP, Reuters, Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Russia 1, France 3 and over 100 famous web/magazine/tv media. Speeches and Lectures in various colleges, museums, corporations and events(e.g. TED and local TED talks). His youtube channel scores over 4.5 million views. As research and artistic deployment, he founded two company jiseCHI co.ltd and Pixie Dust Technologies.