Developing cutting-edge information technologies or even writing thick reports is not our mission. That’s because these are already available somewhere else in the world. For instance, idea and basic technologies for AR (augmented reality) or iPad existed over a decade ago. By the same token, the cutting-edge technology at our disposal right now should also make it possible to create the future a decade in advance of the present.
That’s why we collect and share cutting-edge technologies from all over the world, and try to create a service that no one has experienced. Once it takes shape, we assess its potential by subjecting it to a demonstration experiment. That is because making prototype with technologies – which is neither research nor inquiry – is the very mission of OPEN INNOVATION LAB.
We have collaborated with not only companies but also individuals transcending nationalities, generations and industry categories. This has meant, for example, new communication between a large corporation and a venture startup was generated in the project of technology development for a location data service, and was led to an opportunity for a new project. This and other instances of bringing different parties together represent the kind of chemical reaction as only OPEN INNOVATION LAB. is capable. One role of us is to consider what is possible and what can then be put into practice by acting as a hub that brings together people with other people, technologies with other technologies, and people with technologies.
Think of us not as a think-tank style venue for R&D but rather a technology boutique that strives to be a place for open innovation to which others can bring their insights.